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Intercrosse Tour - Step 2: Intercrosse History

In 1980 the intercrosse "father", Pierre Filion, initiated discussions with sociologists, psychologists and physical education teachers in order to create a new sport based on lacrosse.

These discussions resulted, in 1982, in a new sport called intercrosse.

The first trials were held in 1985. It was also during this year that the international intercrosse federation, FIIC, was founded in order to spread the sport worldwide.

In 1987 the FIIC arranged the first World Games, an annual international intercrosse tournament.
The spectacular thing about this tournament is that there are no national teams. The teams are randomly selected and men and women play together.

The World Games has since 1987 been held annually with the exception of 1998 where the games were cancelled. The "World Games" is still today the largest intercrosse event with over 100 participants every year.

Throughout the years of this young sport, some players have wished for a tournament for national teams.
These wishes were fulfilled in 1999, when FIIC arranged the first World Cup in Audergem, Belgium.