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Intercrosse Tour - Step 1: Lacrosse

Ancient LacrosseLacrosse is the origin of intercrosse.

The game was developed by indians hundreds of years ago for two purposes:

  1. A preparation for war.
  2. A spiritual experience.

In those days, lacrosse was played with hundreds of players at the same time, and one game could last several days.

The first documentations of the sport was made in the 17th century by french missionaries.

The modern version of lacrosse was first founded in 1856 when Dr. William George Beers (the father of modern lacrosse) founded the "Montreal Lacrosse Club".

The game was then further developed and spread around the world which resulted in olympic status in St.Louis 1904 and London 1908.
Lacrosse was also an exhibition event during the olympics in 1928.

The International Lacrosse Federation started the World Championships in 1967, and it has been played every four years since 1974.

Today, lacrosse is played on a field sized 110 * 60 yards (approx. 100 x 55 meters).
A team consist of ten players including goalkeeper and up to 13 substitutes.
The match is divided into four periods of 20 minutes.

Lacrosse is a physical game where body-checking is allowed as well as some forms of "cross-checking".

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