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Intercrosse Tour - Step 3: Intercrosse Values

Intercrosse is based on four essential values, describing the idea behind the sport.
These values are usually referred to as MARC:

  1. Movement
  2. Autonomy
  3. Respect
  4. Communication

These values are reflected in every aspect of the game both on the court and beside the court.
Some examples on rules that can be related to these values:

The player who is in possession of the ball is not allowed to walk, he/she must either run or stand still.
(This way, the game and its players is always "moving".)

Any player can "block" the ball at any time during the game which guarantees ball possession.
(It is not always the quickest or strongest player that gets ball possession.)

Neither body-contact nor cross-contact is allowed.
(The players are taught to respect their opponents as well as referees, coaches and players of the own team.)

A player may only keep the ball for five seconds. Then he/she must either pass or shoot.
(One player does not make a whole team. In order to score you must use all the players of your team.)